These Are The Sweet Memories That Made Her Wet

She was attending a staff meeting, and nothing seemed to interest her. The meeting was dull and boring. She left and went straight to her office desk. Many things began to run in her mind. She began to think about a memorable sex session she had with her husband. At least this would make her feel good.

She remembered one day how she had left her place of work and found her husband who usually comes home late already in the house. To her this was a huge surprise. Totally unexpected. She wondered what had happened. When she asked, her dear husband told her that he wanted to have some special time with her. For a long time, work had affected their sex life. This time round he wanted to prove to her that he was still the man that used to make her moan in bed the whole night.

She arrived at their house that evening, went straight to the bathroom and took a cold shower. She then headed to the bedroom and changed her clothes. She wore a tight miniskirt that revealed her curves and sexy thighs. She went to the living room where her husband was sitting, watching TV.

The husband stared at his beautiful wife and smiled wildly. He was totally impressed. He deviated his attention from watching TV to admiring his wife. He moved closer to her and pushed her against the wall as he kissed her passionately. He then lifted her and carried her to bed. He began to kiss her passionately as he removed her clothes slowly, one by one. After playing with and nipping her nipples, he reached her pussy and inserted his fingers. He made several fucking movements until she became wet.

‘’ Fuck me please’’, his wife begged. She unzipped his trousers and got hold of his erect penis, slowly moving her hand up and down its shaft. He slowly pushed his way into her pussy and some serious pumping action began. She asked him to fuck her the hard way. The man did as he was told, changing from position to position. Doggy style, Missionary style, 69 position and other sex styles were applied. She remembers all these things while sitting in the office.

This memory leaves her noticeably wet. In her thoughts, she hears her husband’s voice calling and telling her to go home, take a bubble bath and relax.

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