Talking Dirty on the Phone

Why is it so hard to talk dirty on the phone? One of the girls who work with me at London escorts loves having having dirty sex on a  phone line as a side job. It is just a part-time job as she is saving hard for a new car at the moment. She is making a small fortune out of the job, and I keep wondering what her secret is when she does the job. I have tried to do the same thing in the past, and it does not seem to work for me at all. To be honest, I did not do so well.

I thought first of all that it had something to do with the fact that I am bisexual. But many of the girls here at London escorts are bisexual and they seem to be able to make money out of chat lines or webcam work. I have tried both as part-time jobs outside of London escorts and none of them have really worked out for me. Perhaps there is some kind of secret to this. One of my friends here at London escorts does a lot of phone work, and she always bring a porn mag with her. She says that she needs something that turns her on when she works.

Do I need a part-time job? Well, I don’t really but I like to learn new things. To be honest, it would be kind of good to learn how to talk dirty on the phone as a lot of gents do like chat lines. One day, I am not going to look this good, and it could be nice to have something to fall back. Working for London escorts is really good, and I think that most of the girls here enjoy working for this London escorts service, but it would be fun to learn something new.

In many ways I think that I am not happy with the phone at all. Some girls are really into talking on the phone, but I prefer talking to somebody face to face. When I meet gents at London escorts, I find it really easy to be personal with them. I don’t get the same feeling when I talk to a person on the phone, and I find it hard to be intimate on the phone. It seems that many of the girls at London escorts do not have a problem with that at all.

The girl from London escorts who is making a lot of money on the phone, is really good at describing how she is feeling. At the same time, she can talk about actions very well, and what she would like to do. It is not the sort of thing that we do on an everyday basis at London escorts. In many ways that is why I am having such a hard time to relate to talking on the phone. I have promised myself that I will try again, and perhaps even come up with a few scripts to get me started in my new part-time career.

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