He is such a talker!

I love dating at charlotte action escorts because you get to meet so many different people. Some guys are really lonely and just wants some company. I have one guy who likes me to sit in a corner and read to him. And every friday, I date a guy at charlotte action escorts who gets a kick out of sitting there and smoking a cigarette while I read a paper. It all takes all sorts and you soon get used to them. I do like all of my dates, but some of them do get on my nerves. But then again, I suppose you cannot have it all.

In recent weeks I have picked up a few new dates. All of them are really nice but one guy only want to talk. He talks about all sorts of stuff when he visits me at my London escorts boudoir. It is not a problem but he really is boring. He has some kind of engineering degree and that is what he likes to talk about. I feel that I am having some sort of lesson in engineering when he comes to visit me at charlotte action escorts. For some reason, he seems to think that I am interested and I don’t know how to tell that I am not. It would probably upset him, so I will continue to sit there and smile sweetly at him. I have a feeling that he thinks that I am a really good genuine listener. Well, at least I know how to nod and say okay in the right places.

It would be so nice if he changed his topic. I know that his time with me at London escorts is his own and he can do what he wants within reason, but I do get bored. I have told my boss at London escorts and he says that he could get tell him that I am too busy. But I don’t really want that because he is a good tipper. Some guys I meet at London escorts do not give me tips at all. But they are important to me as I am trying to save up all of my other money. That is why I don’t want to lose him.

Well, I suppose that the information may become useful at the end of the day. I now know how a milling machine works and how a diesel car engine works. Does it turn me on? No, it does not turn me on at all. I keep on wondering if this guy has dated other charlotte action escorts and they have got bored with him. It is unusual for a guy like him to turn up and it is just like somebody has dumped him, or just passed him onto another escorts service. On our next date, I will make a point of asking him when I get word in edgeways which is not that easy with this guys. Trust me to get a talker!

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