Is it too expensive to look sexy?

Lots of the girls here at Ealing escorts say that it is too expensive to look sexy. I don’t agree with that at all, and if you would like to look sexy on a budget, I am the girl to ask. So many of the girls here at the escort agency seem to spend too much money, and end up with the wrong stuff. If you like to look sexy on a budget, it is all about buying what suits you and check out all of the alternatives.

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Make up is important for most of the girls here at Ealing escorts. It is easy to go out and spend a small fortune on make up, and most people do. I think that is certainly true for the girls that I work with at the agency. They seem to be able to spend a small fortune on make up every month. I make sure that I always look out for special offers, and I think that many of the top middle of the range companies such as Maybelline is really good. It is not going to set you back fortune and they have some nice up to date colors.

Lingerie is important as well. I do keep on buying a lot of lingerie but I don’t think that I spend as much as many of my colleagues at Ealing escorts. When I buy lingerie, I tend to go to stores like Debenhams and House of Fraser. Of course, you can buy lingerie online, but I think that the deals online are not so good. When you go into stores, you will find that a lot of the deals that they offer are excellent. Yes, it is convenient to shop online, but I am not sure about the deals.

Shoes is another thing that Ealing escorts are big buyers of. I am not any different at all, but I like to cruise the charity shops. You may not think that it is a good idea to buy shoes second hand, but you can get some lovely shoes. If you top and think about, you will probably realise that there are some shoes that are only worn once. Mother of the bride would be a perfect example, and you can always find them in charity shops/ Give them a good clean and they are ready to go.

I love giving out shopping tips and the girls seem to appreciate them. One day I am going to be changing my Ealing escorts career as I cannot do this forever. I think that I would get a real kick out of being a personal shopper in one of the big department stores in London. It is so much fun, and I like to make sure that people look really good. That is not the only reason I like to shop. I also like to shop because I know that I can save a lot of people money. Yes as a personal shopper you do get paid commission, but you know what they say.. sometimes less is more and that is one of the best way to make sure that you get clients coming back to you.

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