My Boyfriends Weird Request

My boyfriend keeps going on about me having his name tattooed on my ass. I know that it would really turn him on, but I am not sure. Since I have been working for Slough escorts, I seem to have gone through a lot of relationships. It is okay, but I don’t want to take the risk. Some of the girls at Slough escorts of have had tattoos done, and they have come to regret it. Having them removed is both dangerous and painful. I am not sure that I am going to go ahead.


According to my boyfriend, having his name tattooed on my ass, would mean commitment. He would actually like it to say Property of Nick, but that does not do it for me at all. He says that the gents that I date at Slough escorts would see that I belonged to him. Well, they may not see my ass anyway, so what does it matter. In many ways, I think that my boyfriend totally misunderstand what I do at Slough escorts.


One of the girls at Slough escorts had this tattoo done on her breast. It has her boyfriend’s name and she loves it. The problem is that they have not been together for a very long time If they had been together for a long time, I think it would have been better. Most of us girls at Slough escorts think that she has rather jumped into the relationship. Would I have it done after knowing somebody just for a few weeks? The answer is now way, and I think she is crazy for having it done.


Why are we so fascinated by tattoos? They may look okay when we are young but when we get older, I think they look terrible. My dad had several tattoos and they have sort of changed. I don’t think that they look nice anymore and I have told him to get them taken off his body. Some of the girls at Slough escorts are really anti any kind of body art. Sometimes, I have a henna tattoo done but it fades rather quickly on me. I do it because it looks sexy at Slough escorts during the summer, but that is it.


Tattoos are expensive and I can think of many other ways to spend my money. I think that I would rather save my money towards a new kitchen. When I say that to my boyfriend he laughs at me. He says that I should be a bit more anxious to please him. To be honest, it is my home and he does not live there. He also does well to remember that it is my body as well. He should remember that I control what happens to my body, and that he does not tell me what to do with my body at all. Isn’t it funny how some men think that they can tell you what to do with your own body? I have to admit that I am pretty sure that my boyfriend is not the ultimate guy for me at all.

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